Activities 1: Preparatory Meeting in Italy

A transnational training course is taking place in which trainers and researchers from the organizations involved are participating. The main purpose of this meeting is the exchange of good practices between the partners and the development of the frame of reference within which to progress.

Activity 2: Capacity Building for EU

This activity includes a Capacity Building of 8 hours divided into three webinars for participants from the three countries. These webinars aim to raise youth awareness about EU opportunities and empower them with skills and knowledge to apply for these opportunities. During the first webinar, trainers share several EU opportunities and elaborate on how participants can find them. During the second webinar, the trainer gives practical details on how to apply for these EU opportunities. During the third and last webinar, the trainer works with the participants on applications and supports them in their finalization.

Activity 3: Podcasts Training Kit

A series of 12-hour podcast creation workshops unfolds over three days, offering a blend of one-on-one and virtual sessions. These sessions cover the foundational overview, planning phase, strategic framework, design, recording, post-production, and publishing of the podcasts created by the participants.

Activity 4: Physical Events in Italy, Greece, and Spain

Three physical events in the Canary Islands, Greece, and Italy, each aligning with a specific topic relevant to the project’s goals and incorporating the activities shaped during the transnational meeting. Fundacion Farrah focuses on enhancing digital skills to bolster youth empowerment, Youthmakers Hub delves into non-formal storytelling techniques, and Microkosmos addresses the theme of fostering an inclusive and accessible future.

Activity 5: Communication Kit

A communication kit is being created, including the material needed to promote basic information about the project. The kit contains (i) a website, (ii) animation videos, and (iii) infographics.

Activity 6: Final Report | Practice Brief

By the end of the project, a report is developed, including all the activities implemented, the reach of the activities, and the evaluation of the project. The report is digital and disseminated to a broader audience, including participants, stakeholders, and policymakers. Apart from the report, a practice brief is also developed and embedded in the report.