About the Project

About the Project

EUth Voices for Social Change aims to instill in participants a sense of power to be visible and heard not just locally or nationally, but also at the European level, as active members of a larger and worldwide community. The project lasted 18 months, starting from October 2022, and the consortium includes Fundacion Farrah from Spain, Youthmakers Hub from Greece, and Microkosmos from Italy. It is a Small Scale Project under the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme, funded by the National Agency for Youth in Spain.

Project’s objectives

To empower youth

Through digital, social, and communication skills, with a particular emphasis on youth with fewer opportunities facing different barriers (geographical, socio-economic, disabilities), from under-served and socially excluded communities in Spain, Greece, and Italy.

To educate youngsters

On how they can establish their own storytelling digital space, using it for connecting with other young people and highlighting topics that are important to them.

Τo increase

Young people’s sense of initiative.

Τo raise awareness

About EU opportunities and bring a European dimension to a local level, inspiring youth to seek opportunities in the European Union and to foster a positive attitude towards the EU and its democratic values with young people serving as multipliers of EU values.


Empower youth

Through digital means and storytelling methodologies like podcasting.

Fulfill the need

Of young people to experience a feeling of belonging to a common and EU community.

Empower marginalised people

Fostering connection amongst youngsters from different backgrounds.